Monday, February 25, 2013

February's Catch

The first two on February's stack are from Popular Bookstore (my choice for books shopping because of it's permanent 10% discount and occasional 20-30% discount for member~despite the lack of varieties, the bookstore is the most reliable in terms of value for money). The rest are from MPH, Spring, Kuching (if i can help it, i'd rather buy my books from any other MPH store than here). there's something really alarming buying books from people who clearly don't read much.

my favourite bookstore is still Kinokuniya at KLCC and in Borneo, it'd be Times Bookstore at Suria (the only reason i step in Suria KK). lets just say, i was impressed with their sales people. 

what do i expect from sales people in a bookstore?
1. when i ask question, they listen attentively.
2. if they don't get the title/ name of the author i requested, they give me paper and pen to write it on/ they ask me to spell it out.
3. if the said book is not available in their store, they tell/suggest me where can i get it.
4. in their free time, they're busy reading.

the catch:
1. The Magician King by Lev Grossman (Arrow books, 2012) (RM 31.90)
    because: if you have read The Magician you'll understand the meaning of 'under the spell'
2. Ampun Tuanku by Zaid Ibrahim (ZI Publications, 2012) (RM49.90)
    because: upcoming PRU13, its exciting to know what this person has to say. bah! seriously, being a Sabahan with limited knowledge of how the monarch works and fit in the current political situation made me bought this.

3. Born To run by Christopher McDougall (Vintage books, 2009) (RM49.90)
    because: i'm starting to run long distance this year.

4. Running Made Easy by Susie Whalley and Lisa Jackson (Collins and Brown, 2008) (RM24.90)

5. Running a Marathon for Dummies by Jason R. Karp (John Wiley & Sons, 2013) (RM59.80)

i'm running my first 10K this Sunday (03/03/2013) Brooks Half Marathon. without proper training and stamina. wish me luck.

Have a good week people!

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