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Friday, November 9, 2012

November: rush

its only the first week of november and many things happened at workplace. my immediate boss will transfer to Putrajaya (rumour has it that he clashed with the bigger boss over something, bigger boss appealed to Putrajaya, Putrajaya settled it). so, after over 12 years of service in Kuching with a little over 4 years for retirement, he's force to face Putrajaya instead of having it dandy down here (where he's a superhero with thick mustache, macam pelakon jagoon kaling). he's Indian, by the way . i wish i have anything nice to say about him or for him. except maybe, Happy Deepavali, sir?. 

and because of that argument over something (the sacked boss vs bigger boss) i suddenly find myself
handling a mess that will make me sweat and ache all over by the end of this month (and most probably for more months to come)

then, there's a malay girl (only over a year and not confirmed yet in service) got her transfer to KSKB Sg. Buloh. since when that option is available? ingatkan after confirm baru boleh apply transfer?

next, a good friend of mine, informed me via SMS on monday that she'll be out of job come January. she have a game plan and i am excited to be with her for the plan. but, i am also very concerned over her well being and financial situation. for her, i am here for you babe. (cheh! jiwang giler..). but, yes, i am dead serious and that's a promise. 

yesterday (thursday) my younger brother went for his first interview. i hope he got it. 

bring it on November.

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