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Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Lady and The Poet by Meave Haran

Let me tell you what terrify me the most in my course of work. and its not even in my job descriptions (it was there, alright, subtly concealed as tugas-tugas yang berkaitan dan diarahkan). besides being a tutor, i am also a warden for the girl's hostel (a.k.a cikgu pemusnah cinta as most of nights i went out to see their curfew being observed and sacked those naughty ones, usually deep in their idle conversation with their bf and literally dragged them to their dorm and abused them with profanity) hahhaha... actually, i just shooed them away and follow the girl with ekor mata to their dorm.

while i try my best to follow rules and assert discipline, there are many times, i bend certain rules to make their campus life more bearable. that make me an easy target for luahan hati. that's what terrify me the most. when you were given the power to steer someone's else will. i found out, desperate young minds absorbed whatever thrown their way by a person they trusted. what if my advice led them astray? or, even, my silence might be interpreted wrongly?. the hugeness of responsibility terrify me, especially regarding heart's matter.

in The Lady and The Poet, i found the role of Ann's grandmother the most intriguing. She's there as a mediator to her son and her grand daughter, a stern personality that never let go of her high moral standing, while wholly supported Ann in her quest for seemingly ungodly way to love. i aspire to be just that, tolerance enough to see other ways while never compromising on my own faith. and wisdom to fairly draw the line of separation.

Ann More was a free-spirited girl with quick mind and well-read (thanks to her grandfather) in the era of Elizabeth reign (the virgin queen of England). She refused the privilege to be in the Queen's service, a post most sought after by any girl in the realm, because it almost guarantee an advantageous marriage. she then, served at her aunt's York House where she met John Donne. this is the assumed story of Ann and Donne love story from Ann's perspective.

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