Sunday, June 6, 2010

Be Radical, Love Green

a friend who work at mineral and geoscience department will shun me for this post. (i knew for fact, he loves coal and mineral, sorry in advance, mate)

chance upon Farish A. Noor's "what your techer didn't tell you-the annexe lectures vol.1". interesting, provocative and stimulating. i dont entirely agree with some of his opinion, but, its his book. his says. (after all, his articles are havily padded with back up literature-- evidence enough to tell, he knew what he's talking)

honestly, i picked up the book because i need inspiration to write my PTK essay, which is due 17th this month. and i only have today and tomorrow for the 'groundwork'. wednesday, i'll be away for a 'phooooooooooooing' session with my sista!
this morning, i'm still leafing through this book (still nothing for my PTK essay..). googling Farish, (o! so he's a radical), ended up here and here
the 2nd here is the story that will irritate that good friend of mine. the coal plant proposal in Sinakut, LD, Sabah. my initial decision is to go against. (as i am for excessive making of hydroelectric dams in Sarawak).
in the long run, NO COAL MINE in Sabah will benefit the state much more. read the borneo post article about the alternatives. and.. no, i wont give you the link fo Najib's blog in 1malaysia website. go search for it. (he made interesting comment tho)
Sabah kita bah ini. kita punya.


jenkays said...

please do your report before you meet me eh us..! or else you're not gonna finish it k...lepas ini hidup ko tidak akan sama lagi utk tempoh2 yg panjang :P

kukuanga said...

ahhh.. tu yg susah mau bikin tu mare. macam bingung plak sy mau kasi start. will write today.

joven said...

hi, you have nice blog.. u can view also mine..

Nite said...

hemmmm....hemmmm...hahhh..ermmmmmm...say just a littlr word okie..hehe.. Coal is only an alternative source..not a "desperately" source to use..and more other sources we can's for us to choose.."yes or no"...hehehe..

Nite said...

..we do have "Clean Coal Technology"...Peninsular Malaysia da pakai masa dulu, but no issue pun..hehehe..sukuplah..kihkihkih

Mell (tsm4) said...

i think i want to buy all the land with coal in them. then write a will for my future-future grandchildren to keep the 'legacy'. so when the fossil fuel has depleted, forest has turned to dune, technologies down to zero, that's when MY generation will rule the world!

...or i'm just too much video game.

(still recovering... thank 4 the visit.. to my blog).

word verification: halfit
(half fit? daimmm mcm mengulu sa ja.)

kukuanga said...

ahahha.. adaka pula 'clean coal technology'?
adala ko maradang sy pny post? hhahaha.. btw pare, you should come along for angkor wat visit tis nov. kami gila sama saigon.

come along and see for yourself why kami gila sama ni tpt.

kukuanga said...

half fit man,(mell)
good idea itu pi bili tanah yg ada coal. the prob is: mineral/ hasil bumi pd kedalaman (berapa ar?) belong to gov. (and i'll hahhaha dulu sama ko pny future-future grandchildren!)focus on the current situation mell. cari anak lok! (hahahahahah!)

for a half fit man, you'll recover good.