Wednesday, June 24, 2009

quick updates

a quick updates.

the bakasyon went well. i will come to you again, Manila.

the extended vacation was super great. i went water rafting. Padas River. 19km. aku urang itam sekarang. itam macam baru mongomot berminggu-minggu. well...

back to Kuching, stayed overnight. talked like mad with Mimi. miss her so much! then fly again.

now, in Penang. Durian in season. but, i'm not exactly into it. so..

can't wait for the coming of new intake. FUN! FUN! and, me move to my new nest!

btw, me and my love get along quite fine. 3/4 of the pattern almost finish. and i'm still really into it. look like, finally, i've found love to last a life time.. (or rather, until my poor eyesight, and athritis dried my fondnest away) but, until then...


jenkays said...

huhu...bakasyion was a success yeah mare...!!! baru balik dari partime ceria box sama fread..!!

Dy said...

good to see just musing updated :) rindu lar kengkawang nie.. :)

glad trip was great :)

looks like u dont need help with your new love anymore :) can't wait to see FG (finished goods).

can't wait for you to move juak. wanna bring noel for overnite trips to aty togou's :)

Nika said...

wah.. ebuli tomod ko giando kukuanga. Osonong ginawo ko do osonong kongoyo-ngoyon do koposion nu.

kukuanga said...

hahhahahahah! ceria box mare

nanti i bagi in details pasal our bakasyon. omos finish that. ya!ya!ya! do come... nanti ya, i bagitau.

pounsikou kaa.. logot2.

jenkays said...

mana p mare???diam sunyi tanpa berita...!! recovering sudah kah?? i am still havin hangovers cos of the holiday

ReNo said...

Sigu guru...hehe ba om palan2 bogia... GBU! :P